Across the UK every day, most people use bridges, railways and buildings constructed with steel made by CELSA UK.  Part of the international CELSA Group, CELSA UK has its headquarters in Cardiff, where it supports over 3,400 jobs in South Wales alone and thousands more across the rest of the country. Its operations generate over £120m in gross value added to the Welsh economy each year – but the company is keen to make sure its contribution to Welsh life is not just economic.  Manufacturing is a core part of Cardiff’s identity and sense of community purpose.  To stay relevant and competitive against overseas producers, CELSA has stayed at the forefront of new technologies. Visitors to the Cardiff plants find a company using big data analytics and increasing digitalisation to tailor its solutions to customers’ needs.  And through its Ingenium programme CELSA is mentoring the next generation of innovative start-ups.

Innovation comes in many forms. CELSA’s steel manufacturing plant in Cardiff has become a showcase for sustainability, responsible sourcing and the circular economy.  The plant produces the highest-quality products using recycled steel and with low environmental impact. It is considered as a very efficient steel works, where productivity is well above industry standards.

Football fans at the Champions’ League Final will enjoy the game in a stadium built with steel made in Cardiff. By staying at the forefront of new technology, CELSA’s steel workers should be building the stadiums of Britain for decades to come.