Our commitments for Cardiff

Cardiff has become a great place to visit and an even better place to live. It is a young and talented city, primed for economic growth. The potential is here, it just needs to be unlocked.

With an economic climate which is l ready hitting the most vulnerable areas hardest, in a post-Brexit Britain there should be no doubt that the capital city represents Wales’ best economic opportunity. We need to make sure that opportunity is grasped.

We need to upgrade our city infrastructure – particularly its digital infrastructure – attract more inward investment, create more and better home-grown companies, and ensure a radically-improved local education system becomes the driving force behind long-term economic gain.

We need to identify the projects and initiatives that will deliver the city’s ambition and ensure they translate into jobs and opportunities for the people that need them and benefit every community across the city and beyond.

We will also need to leverage the investment potential of key high-value sectors: the creative and digital industries, and financial and professional services – sectors in which Cardiff already has companies with international profile.

Our universities need to become central to our ambitions in the way that they haven’t been in the past. Cardiff’s vision will need to be smarter, more sophisticated, and more enterprising and will need to be underpinned by a set of fundamental principles:

Cardiff needs to be ambitious for its people but that aspiration needs to be translated into firm and deliverable plans.

The Council needs to ensure big city projects translate into economic prosperity, and the benefits need to be felt in all of the city’s communities.

Cardiff needs to be seen as being ‘open for business’. The Council needs to actively engage with business and embrace the full potential of public private partnership which has served the city so well in the past.

Cardiff’s role as the driver of the city-region economy must be promoted and exploited – for the benefit of Cardiff and its surrounding areas.

Cardiff must continue to be that outward looking, international city it has always been, acting as the connecting point between Wales and the world.

Cardiff’s high skills base needs to be translated into higher value jobs and higher wages.

We will:

  • Prioritise the delivery of a new Multi-Purpose Indoor Arena in the best possible location to ensure it can attract the premier national and international events.
  • Set a refreshed vision for Cardiff Bay as a leisure destination, by securing a new visitor attraction, with the possible creation of a permanent “beach style” facility and revitalising the strategy for the International Sports Village.
  • Grow the city centre as a location for businesses and investment, including: 1) Completing a new business district and gateway to Wales to the north and south of Cardiff Central Station. 2)Delivering a new transport interchange which will be at the heart of the Cardiff Metro. 3) Creating new shared spaces for pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles throughout the city centre.
  • Work with developers to bring forward plans for the regeneration of Dumballs Road.
  • Launch a new Industrial Strategy for East Cardiff, aligned tothe completion of the Eastern Bay Link.
  • Expand Cardiff’s ‘Knowledge Corridor’ by working with partners to secure further investment into the Maindy Park campus, Heath Hospital, the proposed new Velindre Hospital and the GE Innovation Park at Coryton.
  • Act as an advocate for the Real Living Wage initiative, with the objective of securing its adoption by the city’s employers.
  • Explore with partner organisations the establishment of community-based social enterprises to support the Council’sestate management and other support services.
  • Establish a City Business Forum to help influence the development and implementation of the Council’s investment and development agenda.
  • Create more opportunities for apprenticeships, work placements and jobs by working with the business community, schools and young people.
  • Bring forward a business-led strategy designed to address the backlog in maintenance of the city’s most historic buildings and equipping them with the technology required to enable us to find new uses which will contribute to the delivery of the Council’s economic development agenda.
  • Work with the private sector and third sector partners to expand and improve the start-up and incubator space available for new small and medium-sized enterprises in Cardiff.
  • Work with national institutions to create an economic strategy that recognises the economic development potential of sport and culture

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