Like all businesses, since lockdown began, our firm has faced daily challenges. But solving challenges is how we thrive. They have pushed us to think both resourcefully, empathetically, and realistically. Given the size and complexity of digital work that we do (such as BIM modelling), it could have been tricky to fully transition to home-based working. While the expected hurdles cropped up along the way, we saw how being a digitally enabled business made the whole process much simpler. This, along with everyone’s flexible attitude, effort, and understanding, has meant we can continue to provide an exceptional service to our clients.

For a built-environment business like ours, the past few weeks have been about quietly playing our part where we can. Our Cardiff office helped make two of the Welsh field hospitals a reality and our wider firm has contributed to others across the UK. The opportunity to give back to our local community, while also contributing to the nationwide effort, was an unquestionable decision.

Celebrating, where we can, has been vital to keeping our people’s spirits up during these difficult times. The importance of work-life balance has never been clearer. Thankfully, our enhanced flexible working policy has meant those with family commitments, volunteering jobs or keyworker relations can take the time they need.

Ultimately, we are standing together to support not only our clients and community, but one another too. Our people represent our single greatest asset. This remains as true as ever.