Recent times have challenged the net worth of many businesses. The answer to this challenge is to grow your network with Introbiz. Hardly had the lockdown been announced than Tracey and Paul Smolinski had switched their model and were up and running their business network with Zoom.

During the lockdown, Introbiz have brought some world class speakers into the room such as Sharon Lechter, Jared Robbins and other famous names like Jesse Cunningham and Mark Wright from The Apprentice. Add to that Olympians Jamie Baulch and Mark Colbourne and the scene is set for a really interesting turn of events.  The Smolinski’s unwavering commitment has helped Cre8ion and hundreds of other businesses to remain positive in what might otherwise have been challenging times. Tracey Smolinski, Managing Director of Introbiz said  “We’re really proud and so pleased what we have delivered in the current climate. Many businesses have felt so stressed and worried about what the future holds so by hosting our online events we’re still able to get people connected to do business” To attend one of events you can book on the link to register our online events are free.

“There are many companies out there wondering where their next lead is going to come from. You can spend money on Google Search or on Facebook advertising but nothing beats the power of referral networking. Since making the switch, we have won new clients and have quadrupled our proposal output, which will help us to achieve our financial targets for the year. Introbiz really does demonstrate the power of community and their network has gone from local to global.”

Building on the new working approach Introbiz have adopted, one of their clients, Cre8ion have now taken their lead and are also running a free five day challenge which you can sign up for at . The aim is to help companies to devise their mission, vision and values as businesses throughout the community become more focussed on their purpose.

“One of the things we have noticed from the businesses that we have spoken to is that they want to build legacy. This lockdown has given owners time to reflect on the question, ‘Is this the type of business that I set out to build?”

Cre8ion recently made headlines around the four day work week and are currently working remotely across the South West and Wales.  They are helping other businesses to adopt the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals and are in the process of becoming a B-Corp.

So, if you feel alone as a business owner and overwhelmed at this time get yourself signed up to an online Introbiz event. It’s certainly a good time to consider joining this amazing community. In troubled times like these it’s Zoom or Bust.