Built +Living Environment Expert


Graham studied landscape architecture and urban design in London during the 1980’s with an aspiration to spend a lifetime changing and improving places.  As design team leader on Garden Festival Wales, and living in Blaina, he was struck by the mismatch between national regeneration policy and community need.  Through the 1990’s, he focused on the emerging urban design agenda in London, working with leading practices on cutting edge projects and national policy development, with particular emphasis on movement, public realm and community engagement.

In 1999, Graham was a founding director of the governments pilot Urban Regeneration Company, Liverpool Vision, responsible for Development, Planning and Design of the city centre.  In 2005, he established Maxim Urban Design, a consultancy acting primarily as a design advisor to the public sector.  During this period, he was also an urban design advisor to the London Development Agency and the Greater London Authority.

In 2012, Graham established the Prosocial Place Programme with colleagues at the University of Liverpool where he is an Honorary Senior Fellow of the Heseltine Institute for Public Policy & Practice and Visiting Senior Research Fellow of the Institute of Psychology, Health and Society.

Prosocial Place is now a social enterprise, set up to consider and design urban environments with the mental wellbeing of individuals, groups and communities at the forefront.  The aim is to integrate evidence and practice so that urban planning, design, development and place stewardship can produce positive outcomes of sustainable communities and thus sustainable places.

Graham has been active on several regional Design Review Panels and is currently a Built Environment Expert with Design Council CABE, a Fellow of the Centre for Urban Design and Mental Health and a member of the Academic Advisory Board of the International Self-Care Foundation.