Cardiff’s economy has become more diverse and heavy industry has given way to service and knowledge driven sectors. Supported by a large and skilled labour market, the city is now one of the most competitive locations in the UK for skilled service sector businesses. The city is also home to an advanced manufacturing sector, linking with Universities delivering world-class research.

Today, around 200,000 people are employed in the city and over 600,000 in the wider city-region. Of this over 50,000 people in Cardiff and over 100,000 in the city-region are employed in financial and professional services. The city also employs over 20,000 people in education, and almost 30,000 in healthcare. A growing creative cluster is home to around 10,000 people in the city, and over 25,000 in the city-region.

The key sectors in the city – with both significant clusters of activity and capacity for growth – include:

These sectors benefit from Cardiff Council and Welsh Government support, as well as benefiting from a workforce stemming from the city’s universities.