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We know Cardiff is a great city and we know there is so much information to share.  We’ve provided the business information, shared our insights into sectors, how we can help, but how about taking a look at information that’s a bit more celebratory?
Take a look at our publications or hear from our businesses to understand why Cardiff is a great location for business.


Our website is filled with information on why Cardiff should be the choice for you to invest in, but we want to be able to provide you with event more content. Browse our range of publications, which include information on our sectors and investment prospectus.

Talking Heads

We've interviewed a range of businesses across Cardiff to understand "Why Cardiff". Their words, their views, their reality. Watch for yourself and understand why Cardiff was the only choice for them.

Invest in Cardiff News

Keep up to date with all the latest news and information of what is happening in Cardiff. With information on business news, developments, events, interviews plus so much more.


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