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Cardiff’s fast-growing creative sector is young, savvy and connected. The city is nurturing a creative community that is embracing new technologies and digital innovation, making it one of the largest and most successful creative sectors outside London. We are pioneers in co-locating creative and technical skills which has led to Cardiff becoming the hub of Wales’ creative industries sector with particular strengths in broadcasting, TV and film production. A significant concentration of creative companies are attracted to Cardiff due to the presence of major broadcasters such as the BBC, ITV, S4C, supported by the city’s academic excellence.

As well as being a prime location for major players in the creative sector, Cardiff is also home to a growing creative start-up community that has been increasing in size and confidence. The city benefits from a rapidly growing network of artist studios, creative hubs and co-working spaces, from the newly developed Gloworks in the heart of Cardiff Bay, Tramshed Tech, Rabble Studio and Indycube as well as space in the city’s established Cardiff Business Technology Centre.

With a high level of digital connectivity and infrastructure, the city’s creative base is bold, innovative, and experimental making Cardiff one of the most dynamic creative cities in Britain.-


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