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To compete well in today’s global economy you need confidence in a highly skilled, adaptable and dependable workforce. In our region we have a youthful workforce with diverse skills, talent, motivation and loyalty.

With 69% of the population of Cardiff of working age, and access to almost one million people of working age within the city’s Capital Region, our workforce scores highly on a number of key indicators – education levels are exceptionally high, labour costs are more competitive than many other UK core cities and our workforce is younger than the UK average with a much higher percentage of workers between the age of 20-34. Cardiff benefits from one of the greatest proportions of graduates in the workforce of any UK city with 55% of the workforce having a qualification at NVQ4+ or above, and more than a third of the city’s graduates choose to stay and work in the Cardiff Capital Region in the long term.

For more than 200 years the Cardiff Capital Region has welcomed workers from across the globe. Today the region is home to over one hundred different nationalities, with a broad range of language skills. The Region is also a popular destination for international students, with over a quarter of its students hailing from outside the UK, and companies based in the Capital Region have a good experience of recruiting workers with a range of language skills.




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